Finding a Reliable Workers’ Compensation Attorney in Stanwood

Law Office of Dale WagnerHave you recently been injured on the job in Stanwood, Washington? Or maybe you’ve contracted a disease as a direct result of your work? You may be eligible for workers’ compensation. It’s important that you find a reliable attorney to assist you through the potentially difficult and complex legal proceedings. If you’ve never needed legal services before, finding a representative can seem daunting. To ensure that you receive the assistance you need and deserve, follow these tips as you look for a workers’ compensation attorney in Stanwood.

1. Talk to People You Know

The first step in finding a reliable workers’ compensation attorney is talking to people that you know. Start your search by asking family and friends if they know of a good lawyer or law firm in your area. You may also consider speaking with a co-worker or human resources manager at your work. Continue Reading →