Can You Apply for Workplace Compensation Near Sultan Without an Attorney?

Dale Wagner Law Sultan worker compensationPeople begin researching the workplace compensation process after a serious work-related injury. One question that comes to mind is whether it’s possible to go through the entire process from start to end without an attorney’s assistance. Can the filing be done near Sultan sans legal help?

Filing for Worker’s Compensation

It’s possible to file without legal representation, and some employees have received their due compensation without ever consulting an attorney. However, there are three common scenarios where contacting a law firm is highly recommended. We list these instances below.

Claim Denied

Your employer may review your application for worker’s compensation and deny it. The reason may or may not be based on legitimate grounds. Whatever the case, it should be reviewed by a legal professional. Let an attorney make the assessment whether there are sufficient grounds for filing an appeal.

Insufficient Settlement Amount

Many worker’s compensation cases end in a settlement in order to avoid a lengthy court case. The employer may propose an amount that’s inadequate for covering your medical expenses and lost wages. Contact an attorney if the employer is pressuring you to accept its offer. A legal consultant can make a professional evaluation whether the proposed offer is fair for the injury you sustained.

Unusually Long Delays

Your employer may drag its feet in reviewing your claim. Meanwhile, your medical bills and other due payments pile up. The employer may intentionally delay the process to make the claimant desperate and quickly accept a settlement. It’s important to get an attorney involved at this point.

Need a Workplace Compensation Attorney Near Sultan?

If any of the above applies to your case, contact Dale Wagner Law. We represent clients in or near Sultan in the areas of worker’s compensation and disability. Contact us for a consultation and a comprehensive review of your case.

Legal Representation for Workplace Compensation

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