Necessary Information for a Workers’ Compensation Attorney Consultation Near Granite Falls

workers’ compensation consultationDo you need to talk to an attorney about a compensation claim in progress? It’s a smart idea to make an appointment for a workers’ compensation consultation to decide what your choices are concerning your specific scenario. To prep for the consultation, have the following information ready.

Hire Date

Your workers’ compensation attorney will need to obtain information regarding your hire date. If you have it, send documentation of your employment contract complete with your signature and the manager’s/owner’s signature.

Injury Description

Provide as much detailed information as possible about the scenario that led to the injury. When did it occur? Where was your precise location? Who else was there that could be potential witnesses?

Employer Notification Details

Immediately after the injury, who did you contact? Who else did you reach out to besides the manager/supervisor and in what order? Did you contact these people face-to-face, by phone, or other digital means? If by email or text, do you still have a record of the communication?

Medical History

The attorney must see records of your medical paperwork and clinic visits. Maintain a record of all treatments and procedures. Contact the doctor and request paper copies of your report if you don’t already have them.

Schedule a Workers’ Compensation Consultation Near Granite Falls

Are you ready for a workers’ compensation consultation near Granite Falls, Washington? Contact Dale Wagner Law in Stanwood to arrange an initial appointment. You’ll get insight into your case from a legal perspective and whether you have a robust case for proceeding. Aside from workers’ compensation, we also help clients in disability legal services and social security disability cases. Our legal experts have years of experience representing people from diverse life and work backgrounds.

Workers’ Compensation Consultation

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