Ask a Potential Worker’s Compensation Lawyer These Questions in Gold Bar

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Do you require a worker’s compensation attorney in Gold Bar, Washington? There are dozens of legal firms to choose from, making it difficult to pick a legal counsel appropriate for you. The best way to know for certain is by asking the right inquiries and assessing the response. We suggest the following questions to ask a worker’s compensation lawyer.

What’s Your Level of Experience?

You want a legal team that has many years of experience. While a newer lawyer may charge less, you may not receive the best representation. It may be worth the investment to agree to a higher fee for an attorney with an established record.

When Do I Need to Pay?

Ask about the payment specifications. Typically, the initial in-person appointment is free. All services beyond that may have a fee. Request to see the contract regarding payment. Some firms may charge a flat rate, while others may charge hourly, or collect a percentage of your winnings or settlement compensation.

What Happens if I Don’t Win the Case?

Ask what’ll happen if your case is unsuccessful or thrown out. Are there additional paths or appeals that can be considered? If so, what are the probabilities and timelines? It’s a red flag when an attorney speaks in absolute terms, such as assuring you a positive outcome is guaranteed. 

Relevant Questions to Ask a Worker’s Compensation Lawyer in Gold Bar

If you need a compensation lawyer in Gold Bar, contact Dale Wagner Law in Stanwood for a free consulting session. We understand you may have dozens of questions, and our answers may lead you down a rabbit hole of further questions. Our legal team is versed in disability legal services and social security disability services as it applies to Washington state. The questions to ask a worker’s compensation lawyer can help you go into the initial consultation prepared.

Questions to Ask a Worker’s Compensation Lawyer

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