When Should You Hire a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer Near Darrington?

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Do you think you may need to talk to a workers’ compensation lawyer near Darrington, Washington? This may be the case if you incurred an injury while performing your job duties. The injury may make you eligible for disability payments. The process, however, can be quite sophisticated with multiple steps and lengthy paperwork. To get the monetary benefits you’re due, set up an appointment with an attorney versed in this area of law. Learn the scenarios that may warrant legal counseling.

Employer Denies Claim

Call a worker’s compensation attorney if the employer denies the claim or doesn’t make timely payments. While you can file for appeal, many employees don’t do so because they don’t want to go through the frustrating process again.

Settlement Doesn’t Cover Losses

Consult with an attorney if the settlement you get isn’t enough to cover your medical costs and/or lost wages. If you believe the settlement is far below what you need, then the next step should involve an attorney.

Medical Issues Prevent Future Work

Work-related injuries leading to a disability may keep you from performing the same job, whether temporarily or permanently. These injury scenarios can be expensive for employers, so they’ll usually look for a reason to deny the claim. It’s in this case that you need a lawyer.

Need a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer Near Darrington?

Are any of the aforementioned scenarios pertinent to your situation? If yes, contact Dale Wagner Law in Stanwood for legal help. We have been practicing law in the areas of disability legal services and social security disability for 30-plus years. You can rest easy knowing your case is being reviewed by a professional familiar with the legality of workers’ compensation.

Workers’ Compensation Attorney Near Darrington

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