What to Bring to Your Workers’ Compensation Meeting Near Mt. Vernon

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Do you have an impending workers’ compensation meeting with an attorney near Mt. Vernon? This is the appropriate step if your compensation claim has been denied, or you have been offered an unfair settlement. When you arrive at our office, there are several paperwork you’ll need to bring with you. Having these necessary documents will make the process run more smoothly and will help the attorney assess your case more accurately. The following are the documents we recommend to have ready when you step into a legal office.

Incident Summary

Bring the report of the initial incident. The workers’ compensation attorney will need this to get a more detailed view of the incident. The summary should address basic vital questions that answer the what, who, where, why, and how. The date should also be in the summary.

Employment Records

The attorney will need to examine your employment history. This document needs to include key information, such as the date of hire, your position, and a detailed summary of your day-to-day job duties.

Recent Payment Information

Have some proof of your pay. The easiest way to do this is to bring along the last two to three stubs of your paycheck or the latest bank statement. This matters more than most people think. The attorney will use this information to determine a fair and appropriate settlement amount. Unbeknownst to most people, the compensation amount is partly determined by your salary since workers’ compensation includes lost wages.

Scheduling a Workers’ Compensation Meeting Near Mt. Vernon?

Have you decided to meet with a workers’ compensation attorney near Mt. Vernon? You’re taking an important step that could prove to be a major turning point for your claim. At Dale Wagner Law, we provide initial consultations in the areas of workers’ compensation, disability legal services, and social security disability.

Workers’ Compensation Meeting Near Mt. Vernon

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