Help from a Warm Beach Worker’s Compensation Attorney: Can I Get a Pension?


Am I eligible for a pension or permanent disability benefits? This is something you will need to consult with a pension attorney near Warm Beach. It can be financially crippling if you had to leave a well-paying profession because you were forced out from an injury. Disability legal services and workers’ compensation are highly sophisticated processes, so getting approved may not be as simple as filing a claim. The process can also take months, only for your request to be denied. This is why you need legal assistance from a professional.

Get to Know Your VRC

When you submit a pension claim, you’ll be assigned a vocational rehabilitation counselor (VRC). This is someone who will work closely with you to determine whether you’re qualified for benefits or retraining. An attorney can assess the VRC’s decisions and file appeals if needed.

Doctor-Assigned Permanent Work Restrictions

A doctor will need to assign you permanent work restrictions. Don’t rely solely on an Independent Medical Examination (IME) doctor, as you’re more likely to not qualify for a permanent restriction. It’s possible, though, to get a second opinion from another physician if you disagree with the first doctor’s assessment.

Transferrable Skills Identification

If you have been released from your original vocation where the injury occurred, the VRC will determine whether you have skills that are “transferrable.” This means skills that can be applied in another line of work that you’re able-bodied enough to perform.

Getting a Pension

If you don’t qualify for retraining, then you may qualify for a pension. Your pension attorney will discuss the possibilities where retraining isn’t feasible. Some insurers will deny your claim even if you don’t qualify for retraining to avoid an expensive payout. This is where a worker’s compensation attorney can become extremely useful.

Need a Pension Attorney Near Warm Beach?

Do you need legal consultation? Contact Dale Wagner Law in Stanwood for an appointment with a pension attorney near Warm Beach. Get the service you need to increase the probability of a favorable outcome. 

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