Workers’ Compensation Benefits Near Arlington

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Did you sustain an injury or illness while on the job? In this scenario, you may qualify for workers’ compensation benefits near Arlington. Here’s how it works: employers are insured under The Department of Labor and Industries; this is the entity that pays out the claims. Washington state, however, has its own guidelines. This is why residents should understand workers’ compensation as it applies to the state. Learn about what you are and aren’t compensated for and speak to an attorney for a consultation regarding your specific case.

1. Wage Replacement

One worker’s compensation type is wage replacement. Your physician may place medical restrictions on you that keep you out of the workplace. If you’re medically deemed unable to work and have the medical records and doctor’s signature, then you may be eligible for replacement of lost wages.

2. Permanent Disability

Rehabilitation is critical following a workplace injury. However, once you reach the highest level of medical improvement and are still unfit for work, you may be eligible for a permanent disability claim. This workers’ compensation type can consist of partial or total benefits. 

3. Death 

In the event a workplace injury or illness causes death, the spouse or surviving kin may apply for compensation. The pension can vary depending on the nature of injury or illness that lead to the death. Compensation includes lost wages from the deceased loved one no longer being around to provide an income.

Need Help With Workers’ Compensation Benefits Near Arlington?

Do you need help applying for worker’s compensation benefits near Arlington? Now that you understand the different compensation types, begin the next step by contacting an attorney. The team at Dale Wagner Law near Arlington has years of experience representing clients in the areas of disability insurance and more.

Workers’ Compensation Benefits Near Arlington

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