What to Expect When Applying for Social Security Disability Benefits Near Everett

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Have you been injured on the job near Everett? This may be a cause to file a claim for social security disability benefits. The process, however, can be extremely complex, especially if your employer denies your claim or makes an offer far below what you need and deserve. This is why you need legal assistance when applying for disability benefits. Here is some information on what to expect during the process.


You may qualify for disability benefits if a doctor declares you are medically unable to work for a period of 12 consecutive months. The inability can be due to a physical or mental condition diagnosed by a doctor. You will also have to show proof of your earnings report from 20 of the prior 40 calendar quarters.

Two-Step Analysis

Your case will be measured through a two-step analysis to determine whether you meet the definition of a disabled person. The first step evaluates whether you meet certain impairment criteria.

Residual Function Capacity

If you meet the impairment standards, then you’ll qualify for benefits. No further assessment is required. However, if you don’t meet the standards, you will need to proceed to the next step. This involves an evaluation of your residual functional capacity. This is an analysis of whether you’re physically and mentally fit to work. Due to the complexities involved, you will require disability legal services.

Require a Disability Benefits Attorney Near Everett?

Did a workplace injury inhibit your ability to work for an extended period of time, or indefinitely? If this is your plight, then contact the legal team at Dale Wagner Law in Stanwood for an initial appointment. One of our experienced attorneys will assess your situation and determine whether you have a legitimate case worth pursuing. We have a wealth of experience in various fields, including worker’s compensation.

Disability Benefits Legal Services Near Everett

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