When You Need Social Security Disability Assistance Near Everett

social security disability assistance sultanDo you require social security disability assistance near Everett? Understanding your rights when you apply for benefits can be a head-spinner. If you work in a profession that’s covered by social security, and you have a qualifying medical condition, then you may be eligible for compensation. However, going through the legal process can be extremely difficult with rules steeped in legal jargon. This is why it’s necessary to speak with a legal professional. The following information may be useful if you think you may qualify for benefits

Payment Start Date

Legally, benefit payments do not kick in until you have been deemed medically disabled for at least five months. With processing times, your first payment won’t likely come in until the sixth month. You will receive a formal notice outlining the payment start date. 

Payment Continuation

In most instances, disability payments will come in provided that you remain medically disabled. If a doctor determines you’re healthy enough to work again, then payments will stop.


Disputes may arise and may be initiated by the employer or benefit recipient. This reason may be due to payment amount, approval times, etc. Upon the initial decision, you have 60 days to apply for a formal appeal. This is where a social security attorney can provide guidance.

Need Social Security Disability Assistance Near Everett?

Did you sustain an injury and suspect you may need social security disability assistance near Everett? Contact the legal team at Dale Wagner Law for a consultation on how to proceed with your case. We have years of experience providing legal counseling on matters regarding social security and workers’ compensation payments. Your case is unique and may have complexities that require representation from an experienced attorney.

Attorneys Near Everett Providing Social Security Disability Assistance

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