Finding a Workers’ Compensation Attorney in Mukilteo

finding a workers' compensation attorney Mukilteo

Are you in the process of finding a workers’ compensation attorney in Mukilteo? There are plenty of law firms in the area. However, not all of these legal agencies are created equal. Some provide more experience and have a higher success rate than others. Here are some tips to help you find a reliable legal firm to assist in your workers’ compensation claim. 

Ask for Recommendations

Start by asking the people in your inner circle. You likely have plenty of family members and friends in the workforce. Chances are good that one or more of them have sought consultation from a workers’ compensation lawyer in recent years.

Research Options Thoroughly

With the recommendations you receive, look up these companies online. Research their website and find out the areas of specialty they provide. Some firms only provide one or two areas of expertise. One firm may provide disability and social security benefits, for example, but not workers’ compensation. 

Read Reviews 

It’s not hard to find reviews from past clients. Steer clear of law firms with no reviews. This is a sign that they haven’t been in service that long. A lot of negative reviews are an indicator of poor service and/or low success rate. 

Medical History

When you make an appointment for an initial consultation, the attorney will need to see your medical records that relate to your work-related injury. Have these documents ready; request copies from your medical provider if necessary.

Need Help Finding a Workers’ Compensation Attorney in Mukilteo?

The team at Dale Wagner Law in Stanwood is available for a consultation. We have years of legal experience in the fields of workplace injury, disability, and social security services. If you have a pending case or are about to file a claim, contact us to find out how to best proceed. 

Finding a Workers’ Compensation Attorney in Mukilteo

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