Do You Qualify for Social Security Disability Benefits in Everett?

social security disability benefits EverettDo you know if you’re eligible for social security disability benefits in Everett? Perhaps you can no longer work due to a workplace injury. Your employer may owe you compensation. Of course, there are all sorts of logistical hurdles to applying and getting approved for benefits. Learn the basic qualifications you must meet.

Worked in Covered Jobs

You should be aware that not all jobs provide social security disability payouts. You have to have worked in a covered job to be eligible. A covered job is defined as employment where at least half of the work is performed on-site.

Have a Qualifying Medical Condition

Recipients must have a medical condition as outlined by the Social Security Administration. This is determined by answering these five questions:

  1. Are you working at the moment?
  2. Is your injury “severe?” 
  3. Is your condition among the list of disabled conditions?
  4. Can you perform the work you did prior to the workplace injury?
  5. Can you perform any other work type?

Social Security only pays for complete disability, not partial or short-term. You should qualify if you’re no longer able to physically do your job and don’t have the ability to perform other types of work. The injury is also long-lasting, from several years to a lifetime. 

Need Help Getting Social Security Disability Benefits in Everett?

Do you satisfy the above requirements but still aren’t getting social security disability benefits from your employer? It’s time to contact Dale Wagner Law in Stanwood for legal assistance. Our staff consists of seasoned lawyers that work in the areas of social security and workers’ compensation. We have helped hundreds of clients get through complex legal frameworks in order to get the monetary compensation they need and deserve. 

Assisting with Social Security Disability Benefits Cases in Everett

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  1. Chris Pederson

    Thanks for making it clear that only totally disabled people will be covered by Social Security. My cousin got into an accident and now he can’t move his arms and legs. I’ll talk to him about getting a lawyer to help him get the money he needs.


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