Understanding Vocational Retraining Options in Lake Stevens

vocational retraining, vocational retraining optionsDo you know if you’re eligible for vocational retraining in Lake Stevens, Washington? This is something worth finding out if you have been injured in the workplace. You may still be capable of working but not capable of the type of work you were performing before. Speak with a workers’ compensation attorney to find out if you qualify for any type of retraining program. If you do qualify, you’ll proceed to coordinate with a vocational rehabilitation counselor (VRC). Typically, you’ll have two training pathways to choose from.

Option 1

The first option is to follow an approved retraining plan. Under this model, you have two years to satisfactorily complete the training, which will need to be approved by Labor & Industries (L&I). During the training period, you will receive monetary compensation to cover medical expenses and other necessities. 

Option 2

The second and less common option is to create your own training program. You will still receive a stipend for vocational training. Eligible recipients have five years to complete the program. You’ll receive vocational training benefits paid every two weeks. However, you do not receive medical benefits.

Need to Secure Vocational Retraining in Lake Stevens?

Do you need help acquiring vocational retraining in Lake Stevens? Now that you have an understanding of the two options, take the next step by speaking with one of our attorneys at Dale Wagner Law in Stanwood. We are here to assist you with your workers’ compensation and disability claims. After speaking with one of our experienced legal counselors, you’ll have a better idea of whether you have grounds for applying for vocational training benefits. If you do, we will ardently assist you through the complex legal process.

Vocational Retraining Assistance in Lake Stevens

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