Necessary Information for a Workers’ Compensation Attorney Consultation Near Granite Falls

workers’ compensation consultationDo you need to speak to an attorney regarding a pending compensation claim? It’s a good idea to schedule a workers’ compensation consultation to determine what your options are in relation to your specific situation. To prepare for your initial consultation, have the following information on hand.

Hire Date

Your workers’ compensation attorney will need information regarding the date your employer hired you. If available, submit documentation of your hiring contract complete with your signature and the manager’s signature.

Injury Description

Provide as much detailed information as you can about the situation that culminated in your injury. When did it happen? Where were you? Who else was there that may be credible witnesses?

Employer Notification Details

Right after the injury occurred, who did you notify? Who else did you contact besides the manager/supervisor? Did you contact these people in person or was it via phone or digital correspondence? If by email or text, do you still have a record of the exchange?

Medical History

The attorney will need to see records of your medical claim and doctor visits. Keep a record of all treatments. See your doctor and request physical copies of your report.

Schedule a Workers’ Compensation Consultation Near Granite Falls

Are you prepared for a workers’ compensation consultation near Granite Falls, Washington? Contact Dale Wagner Law in Stanwood today to set up an initial appointment. You’ll learn about your case from a legal standpoint and whether there’s a strong case for moving forward. Apart from workers’ compensation, we also assist clients in the areas of disability legal services and social security disability cases. Our team has years of experience representing clients in situations similar to your own.

Workers’ Compensation Consultation Near Granite Falls

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