What to Bring to Your Workers’ Compensation Meeting Near Mt. Vernon

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Do you have a scheduled workers’ compensation meeting or consultation with an attorney near Mt. Vernon? This is the next step to take if your employer is denying your compensation claim or trying to strongarm you into agreeing into an unfair settlement amount. When you arrive for your first consultation, there are some formal documents you should bring along in order to expedite the process. This makes the job easier for both you and the legal representative.

Incident Summary

Be sure to bring along the report of the initial incident. The workers’ compensation attorney will need this information in order to get an overall picture of the circumstances leading up to the incident. Verify the date is listed in the summary.

Employment Records

The attorney will need to look at your employment record. This should be a document that includes pertinent information, such as the date of hire, your position, and a description of your responsibilities. 

Recent Payment Information

Bring along proof of your pay. This should be the most recent statement from your bank or pay stub. This is crucial information, as it helps the attorney come up with a compensation or settlement amount. Workers’ compensation is tied partially to your salary since payments typically include compensation for lost wages.

Scheduling a Workers’ Compensation Meeting Near Mt. Vernon?

Have you decided to proceed with a workers’ compensation meeting or consultation near Mt. Vernon? You’re taking a pivotal step that could prove to be an invaluable turning point for your case. Before the consultation date, have the aforementioned documents ready with you. The same applies if filing a claim for similar cases, such as disability legal services and social security disability benefits. Once we have the needed documents, our team at Dale Wagner Law can review your case and give you a detailed analysis.

Workers’ Compensation Meeting Near Mt. Vernon

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