What to Expect When Applying for Social Security Disability Benefits in Everett

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Have you been injured recently in Everett, Washington? Are you contemplating filing for Social Security disability benefits? This may be a complex and lengthy undertaking. While a disability benefits attorney can assist you, it helps to familiarize yourself with the process. Knowing what to anticipate moving forward will make the filing process less of a hassle and help you acquire a more favorable outcome. Keep the following information in mind before filing an application. 


You might be eligible for disability benefits once you’ve been medically unable to work for 12 consecutive months. Your inability to work must be due to either a physical or a mental health condition. You’ll have to submit earning reports from 20 of the last 40 calendar quarters prior to the disability or five of the last 10 years of employment.

Two-Step Analysis

Your case will be evaluated using a two-step analysis. This will determine whether your condition actually qualifies you as legally disabled. The first step assesses whether you meet specific impairment standards. 

Residual Function Capacity

If you meet the standards, you’ll qualify for disability benefits immediately. On the other hand, if your condition doesn’t qualify you, your residual functional capacity needs to be evaluated. This analyzes your physical and mental ability to perform work. This step can be complex and in most cases requires assistance from disability legal services.

Need a Disability Benefits Attorney in Everett?

Do you think you might need a disability benefits attorney in Everett? Now that you have a better idea of the application process, it’s time to get in touch with a law firm. Contact Dale Wagner Law in Stanwood for a consultation. One of our seasoned attorneys will be glad to guide you through the claims process. We’ve provided workers’ compensation and disability legal consulting to Everett residents for nearly 30 years. 

Disability Benefits Legal Services in Everett

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