Workers’ Compensation Benefits in Arlington

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Have you been injured on the job or been diagnosed with a disease as a result of your work in Arlington, Washington? You may qualify for workers’ compensation benefits. The Department of Labor & Industries insures employers and is responsible for paying out the claims, but the state of Washington has its own set of procedures. To ensure you get the needed compensation, it helps to familiarize yourself with the various options. Consider the following benefits as you determine whether talking to a workers’ compensation attorney is appropriate for your specific situation.

1. Wage Replacement

A common worker’s compensation type is wage replacement. If your doctor enforces medical restrictions that keep you from working, you may be eligible for wage replacement. Often, this benefit begins three days from the day you’re medically deemed unable to work. 

2. Permanent Disability

After your accident, recovery and rehabilitation are crucial. However, once you reach the maximum medical improvement and still can’t work, you could be eligible for a permanent disability claim. This workers’ compensation type can either be partial or total. 

3. Death 

In cases where a workplace injury or illness results in death, the spouse or surviving kin may be able to get compensation benefits on their loved one’s behalf. The pension can vary widely in range depending on the circumstances leading to the injury/disease and subsequent death. 

Need Help With Workers’ Compensation Benefits in Arlington?

Do you require assistance applying for worker’s compensation in Arlington? Now that you’re familiar with the different compensation types available, take the next step by speaking to an attorney. Contact Dale Wagner Law in Stanwood today for a legal services consultation. One of our seasoned lawyers will assist you with your claim application. We have been providing worker’s compensation and disability legal services to clients for close to 30 years and counting. Entrust us to handle your case with the utmost care. 

Workers’ Compensation Attorneys in Arlington

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