Vocational Retraining Claims Assistance Available near Warm Beach

Vocational Retraining Claims warm beachWere you recently injured while on the job in Warm Beach? Depending on the circumstances, we can help with your vocational retraining claims.  Every situation is different, with services tailored to you specifically. While many claims can be handled without a lawyer, one could help you argue for different or additional services if needed. Following are a list of services that may be available to you.

Counseling and Guidance

Part of vocational retraining is working with a Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor one-on-one. This individual will review your situation, explain the process, help you through the decision-making process and provide support. He or she may also explain other benefits.

Assessment Services

Vocational retraining can also include assessment services. This includes identifying your strengths, capabilities, work skills and interests. There are a few different types of assessments available. The goal is to identify types of jobs that will fit your assets and interests best.

Independent Living Services

Independent living services may be available to help you learn how to manage disability-related issues that can negatively impact your career. This varies by person, but can include skills development, money management and the use of public transportation. 

Need Assistance with Vocational Retraining Claims near Warm Beach?

Are you struggling to receive the services you deserve near Warm Beach? You don’t have to fight for your rights alone. A vocational retraining attorney can help you file or appeal a case. Injured workers throughout the region have trusted Dale Wagner Law in Stanwood for years. One of our highly trained and experienced legal team members would be happy to assess your situation and answer your questions. You can also count on us for assistance with a variety of other circumstances, including cases involving worker’s compensation, disability legal services, Social Security disability and workers’ compensation. Contact us to schedule a consultation; we’re here to help.

Assisting with Vocational Retraining Claims near Warm Beach

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