Can You Handle Your Own Workers’ Compensation Case in Stanwood?

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Have you recently suffered a work-related injury or contracted an illness due to your job in Stanwood, Washington? If you’re preparing for a workers’ compensation claim, you may be wondering if you’re able to represent yourself effectively. The short answer to this question is that it depends. The workers’ compensation process can be tricky and not all employers are willing to play fair. While it’s always recommended you seek legal counsel, if all of the following are true, you may be able to proceed without it.

You Suffered a Minor Injury

While not always the case, suffering a minor injury usually doesn’t require hiring a workers’ compensation attorney. Minor injuries include twisted ankles, sprained wrists and cuts that require few or no stitches.

Your Employer Admits Responsibility

If your employer openly and officially admits that the injury or illness was work-related or occurred on their property, then it’s unlikely the services of a lawyer are needed. It’s when companies attempt to falsify information that legal assistance is most needed.

You Miss Little or No Work

You may be able to represent yourself if you missed little or no work as a result of the injury or illness. This typically corresponds with minor ailments that don’t negatively impact your ability to perform.

Want to Hire a Workers’ Compensation Attorney in Stanwood?

Are you interested in hiring a workers’ compensation attorney to assist with your case in Stanwood, Washington? While injured workers can sometimes handle the situation on their own, this isn’t always the case. Turn to Dale Wagner Law in Stanwood for the legal advice and support you need today. Our practice has offered workers’ compensation, disability legal services and social security disability representation in the Stanwood community for a long time. Choosing our firm ensures that you’ll have one of the best lawyers in the region on your side.

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