When Should You Hire a Workers’ Compensation Attorney in Darrington?

workers’ compensation attorney

Do you need to hire a workers’ compensation attorney in Darrington, Washington? If you were recently injured while working, you could be entitled to disability benefits. The legal process can, however, be confusing and frustrating. To ensure that you receive the compensation you deserve, hiring a professional may be necessary. When should you take this step? It’s probably best to hire a worker’s compensation lawyer in the following situations:

Employer Denies Claim

You should always hire a worker’s compensation attorney if your employer denies your claim or doesn’t pay your benefits in a timely manner. Employers rarely expect workers to appeal this decision, despite their having the right to do so.

Settlement Doesn’t Cover Losses

It’s also a good idea to hire a lawyer when the settlement offer you receive isn’t good enough. If you know you’re entitled to more, a professional may be able to help you prove it in court.

Medical Issues Prevent Future Work

Partial or total permanent disability may entitle you to weekly payments to help make up for lost wages over time. Because cases like this tend to cost insurance companies a lot of money, they work hard to avoid paying. A workers’ compensation attorney can help.

Need to Hire a Workers’ Compensation Attorney in Darrington?

Do you need to hire a workers’ compensation attorney in Darrington, Washington? Now that you know when to request the assistance of a professional, it’s time to act. Contact Dale Wagner Law in Stanwood to schedule a free consultation today. Our practice has offered workers’ compensation, disability legal services and social security disability representation in Darrington for over 28 years. With years of experience, you can rest easy knowing we have the knowledge and skills to handle your case quickly and efficiently. When you choose our firm, some of the best lawyers in the region will be standing with you.

Workers’ Compensation Attorney in Darrington

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