Understanding Vocational Retraining in Monroe

vocational retraining

Have you recently been injured while on the job in Monroe, Washington? You might qualify for vocational retraining. If you want to continue working, but can no longer perform the same tasks you used to perform, vocational rehabilitation might be the best solution. The process of applying for these services can be daunting, however. It involves an assessment of your condition, planning for future employment, and being retrained. A lawyer who specializes in disability claims can help. Here’s some important information about vocational retraining in Monroe. 

How Vocational Retraining Can Help

Vocational retraining is an ideal solution for many people who have been injured on the job. These services are designed to get you back to work. Hiring disability legal services can help ensure that your new profession pays you an appropriate wage.

Only Unemployed Individuals Qualify

You do not qualify for vocational retraining if you are currently working. If, however, a medical professional has removed you from the workforce due to an injury, you can apply for vocational rehabilitation services. There is usually a 90 day waiting period, however.

An Ability to Work Assessment is Necessary

People do not automatically receive vocational retraining when injured. After applying, a vocational rehabilitation counselor (VRC) will need to conduct an Ability to Work Assessment. He or she will then decide if you are employable.

Need Help with Vocational Retraining Services in Monroe?

Do you need professional assistance understanding or applying for vocational retraining services in Monroe, Washington? Now that you are a little more familiar with what vocational training is, you’ll be better prepared to apply for the benefits you deserve. Enlist the help you need by calling Dale Wagner Law in Stanwood today for a consultation. One of our highly-experienced lawyers will be happy to assist. Our practice has offered workers’ compensation and social security disability services to clients for over 28 years. 

Vocational Retraining Assistance in Monroe

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